Anti-Hero is an action/puzzle game about resource management and multitasking.  Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 44!

As hungry patrons crested over the distant hills, King Samu knew it meant the end of a delicious dynasty... Unless... 

He gathered his most loyal subjects fortwith, and led them to the cannons near the castle. They wouldn't be fighting. Nay! They would be feeding! He knew the only way to save his kingdom was to sacrifice a few delicious bits to stave off the horde!


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good game. i thought it was really hard. maybe that is because i suck at these kind of games. keep up the good work dude!!! you should keep making games!!! can not wait to play other games that you make. for some reason it would not work full screen for me. the king guy was just a box with an X in it. i was wish that i could play as the king. 

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Nice job, dude! The game works really well, and it looks really nice! I love the polish of giving all of the food subjects happy and panicked idle animations! 

The only mechanical thing that was hard to parse for me was the queuing up of subjects. I think it would simplify the game nicely if you did away with the queuing and just made cannons load when you press a qwer key while king samu is over the spot. (you might be able to put a cool animation where he throws the subject into the cannon).  

Also for some reason, king samu was just a black box for me. 

Good job, man! I'm really looking forward to seeing what games you make in the future!